Posting the same shift to 2 positions without dual entry


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    Anthony Gass

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for posting your question. In this scenario you would need to post the shift in both positions but I can see how that might be an issue if more then one shift was assigned.

    Another option is that some managers create a position that all staff are members of for shifts that anyone should be able to request to work. They might call this position "All Staff" for example.

    Then if you have a shift that is not job specific you can create it in that position and anyone can request to work in.

    A example might be a shift need for help setting up chairs for a meeting.

    In this position staff could also receive a different pay rate than their other job. On that note we also have a new tool to increase a rate for specific shifts. If that is of interest have a look:


    Hopefully that helps.


    Thanks so much,



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