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    Matthew Wolfhope

    Is there a way to set it so that reminders can come farther in advance? 30 minutes is sufficient for some of my employees, but some would benefit more from an hour.

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    Anthony Gass

    Hi Matthew,

    There is not yet a way to adjust when these reminders go out. I do believe this is an existing request in the Product feedback section of the community. Here is a link to the post:

    Please feel free to add a comment and vote on this idea. Hopefully it is something we can add in the future.


    Thanks very much!



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    It would be amazing if employees could receive text alerts or push notifications from the app.  Many employees don't receive or read their emails, but would read their text messages.

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    Anthony Gass

    Hello again,

    We now have an option for a manager to adjust how early shift reminders go out on a per positions basis. You can find this within the Apps Section of the manager login.

    We hope this will be helpful. Thanks very much for your feedback!

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