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RTO'S Approve,Deny and Delete»
How To manage RTO's aka"Request Time Off.
Pending Request Settings / Details»
Turn Moderation off To allow staff to makes shift changers without needing approval.
Drop Partial Shift Setting»
The "Drop Partial Shifts" option adds the ability for employees to drop part of their shift.
Generate Schedules»
How to easily auto create your schedule. Fairly Based on Hours,Priority Settings and more.
Availability Types»
There are two ways to collect staff availability. This can be set up differently per position.

Advanced Features

SubItUp offers a host of advanced features to quickly create and manage schedules, staff, and reports.

Events Tool»
Staff Importer»
IM Leagues Integration»

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Time Clock

Time and Attendance

Labor Cost Reports

How to run your report for payroll

Event Tool

How to create schedules for complex events

Request Time Off

Enter a RTO on behalf of yor staff

Edit Your Calendar


Shift Templates

Have Reoccuring shifts? Start here

Manage Availability

Open Availability and Controll Max Allowed Hours

Pending Requests

Moderation settings and Aproving Shift Change Requests

Generate Schedule

Auto Create and Assign shifts

Create employees

Create your Employees and Managers